Is AQUA STAND UP® easy to set up ?

Yes ! The AQUA STAND UP®BOARDS are inflatable and it takes only 3 minutes to inflate. The Boards are very light and will slide on the water. The package is composed of :
- 1 adjustable paddle in aluminium
- 1 set of straps to attach the Boards easily in the swimming pool
- 2 HP pumps for each package of Boards (at least comes with 5 Boards)
- 1 repair kit

Do I need to inflate the Boards before each class ?

No ! The Boards can stay inflated for the following reasons :
- Easy to use
- It’s a good way to promote AQUA STAND UP® for your customers.

Do I need to close the whole swimming pool to organize the AQUA STAND UP® Training Zone ?

No ! 2 lane lines are needed to set up the Boards ! Other lane lines can welcome swimmers and it’s another way to promote the workout and make the customers happy

How many Boards can fit in my swimming pool ?

Our AQUA STAND UP®TEAM will provide you a drawing depending on the dimensions of your swimming pool and all the safety distances in order to determinate the right number of Boards.

How to store the Boards ?

The Boards can be stored against the wall due to the square tail. It’s also a gain of time for your staff to have the Boards close to the swimming pool in order to set up easily the Boards in the water. Also, presenting the Boards like this is a good way to promote the activity.

Is AQUA STAND UP® a safe activity ?

The Boards are maintained in the swimming pool thanks to our easy set up system (set of straps to stabilize the Boards). There are different options to set up the Boards (lane lines, anchor points in the wall, succion cups…). We can determinate with you the best solution !
There are a lot of modifications for the participants in order to help them to finish the workout. In addition, the AQUA STAND UP® Instructor will be there to assist the participants and guide them through the workout.

Only the young people can practice AQUA STAND UP® ?

No ! AQUA STAND UP® is accessible to everyone regardless of age ! Remind you that the Instructor will provide all the modifications to ease your workout of each participant depending on their age, level or goal.

Deep water or shallow water ?

Even if you can set up the Boards in the deep water part, it’s always interesting to offer classes in the shallow water part (minimum depth : 3,5ft). Actually, people who could be afraid of the deepwater or not knowing how to swim won’t come ! In that case, we recommend to use both part (shallow water and deep water).


Leasing Solution


Here is an easy way to set up AQUA STAND UP® with no upfront investment ! The LEASING SOLUTION will be the best solution for you. Everything is included :

- Equipment : depending on the dimensions of your swimming pool, our TEAM will determinate the right number of AQUA STAND UP® BOARDS that you will be able to use in your facility regarding all the safety distances required for the safety of your customers. We advise you to keep the feeling of a small group training where customers will be assist to the Instructor. No need to have too much AQUA STAND UP®BOARDS (maximum 10-12).

- Training Course : Your staff will attend the Training Course ! Up to 10 attendees !

- Choreographies & Variations : Every 3 months, your staff will access to the new Edition and all the variations directly on this website. A gain of time for them and a high quality for your AQUA STAND UP® sessions.

- Marketing Materials : Your facility will receive 300 AQUA STAND UP®FLYERS, 1 XBANNER for your internal promotion. In addition, you will receive videos and pictures for your social medias promotion and other tools for your customers (survey). Our AQUA STAND UP®TEAM will help you to promote the new activity in your location via our social medias.

EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED ! You just have to chose the number of AQUA STAND UP®BOARDS that you want to set up.


How many sessions per week do you recommend ?

Actually, you will quickly understand that the customers will be fond of this amazing workout ! We recommend to propose at least 4 sessions per week. It’s a good start !

How long does AQUA STAND UP® session last ?

There are 2 formats :

30 minute with 7 workout sequences

1) Warm up
2) Lower Body Conditioning
3) Cardio Board #1
4) Upper Body Conditioning
5) SUP Yoga
6) Cardio Board #2
7) Cooldown/Stretching

BURNS UP TO 450 calories

45 minute with 10 workout sequences

1) Warm up
2) Lower Body Conditioning
3) Cardio Board #1
4) Upper Body Conditioning
5) Cardio Board #2
6) SUP Yoga
7) Core Board #1
8) Cardio Board #3
9) Core Bore #2
10) Cooldown/Stretching

BURNS UP TO 650 calories

What price do you recommend per session ?

The price is depending on the location but most of the time, the price is between $10 and $15 for a 45 minute workout. Also, you can propose some packages inviting your participants to purchase more sessions in order to reach their goals.

Some facilities decided not to charge the session as they have a membership ! Keep in mind that this is a new workout and you will be able to promote it in your area attracting new customers to have a membership in your facility ! It’s a good way to make the difference with other competitors.

Where will be hold the Training Course ?

Even if we can organize the Training Course in our Flagship Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy in Los Angeles, it’s always better to organize it in your facility for the following reasons :
- It will be cheaper for you (travels and accommodations of your staff)
- We will help you to organize the Training Zone with all the safety distances and determinate in live the best set up solution in your swimming pool
- At the end of the Training Course (8 hours), we will be able to organize several demonstrations inviting your customers to come and try the workout ! It’s a good way to start selling sessions and launch the program successfully.

What are the benefits using AQUA STAND UP®BOARDS :

- The Boards are inflatable (lighter, stronger, safer)
- The Boards are specially designed for the swimming pool practice/training
- The Boards can be also used on open water (lake, river, ocean)
- The Boards can be inflated up to 25PSI (the normal pressure is 15PSI)
- The Boards are not too wide to permit all the movements with the resistance of the water (see video):
Click to Play Video
- The Boards are stable enough due to our set of straps
- The adjustable paddle will be helpful to maximize the benefits for the core and the back
- AQUA STAND UP® is inspired by stand up paddle boarding which is a very popular sport ! Let’s surf on it !

Where is AQUA STAND UP® already set up in USA ?